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Pyro Mini
Pyro Mini
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Pyro Mini
Pyro Mini

Pyro Mini

"Caveman may have discovered fire, but ellusionist put it in the palm of our hands" - Daily Mail London

Shoot fireballs from your empty hands! You've done this in video games, watched heroes conjuring fire in fantasy movies, and now you can possess this superpower. ellusionist released Pyro in 2014, but the company has improved the device dramatically since. More than 3 years in the making, 11 prototypes and, as a result, - Pyro Mini is much more compact, better and sexier than its predecessor. 

This Pyro version has been updated and now is easier to work with. Besides, ellusionist team added some new features to Pyro Mini, which can rival most of James Bond devices. 

THIS IS NOT A TOY. This is a "badass" device, which will make you a real flamethrower.

"The greatest thing man has ever done with fire" -

How safe is it? 

Pyro Mini has two "barrels", which shoot fireballs using flash paper. In order to not burn yourself while using this device, you MUST read the instruction first. With the purchase of Pyro Mini, you get a detailed instructional video, explaining how to use the device. Thousands of copies were sold via ellusionist (and dozens through December Boys) and received excellent reviews in terms of safety and quality of the product. We have brand new, completely sealed Pyro Mini items in stock, exactly in the condition they came to us from the USA.  

What's new in Pyro Mini?
  • ellusionist has reduced the size of original Pyro. Pyro Mini is 50% more compact than its predecessor, it's easier to conceal, and it fits your palm. This device has 2 "barrels" with intense firepower. The device also features a trigger; 
  • Pyro Mini needs no batteries! Now all charging takes place via USB. The fully juiced lithium-battery is enough for 600 shots (the battery itself can be recharged many times). Now you can charge the device using your laptop or in your car, while driving to a gig; 
  • a special strap with a holder allows you easily detach and attach the device on your wrist. It doesn't take much now to hide the Pyro Mini; 
  • burst mode: should you hold the push button for several seconds, Pyro Mini will shoot two fireballs at a time (reload is required after every second shot)! 
  • in addition, using remote control allows you to shoot fire from up to 30ft away! You can even be in another room! 

ATTENTION: to buy Pyro Mini, you have to be 18 or over. The device comes with a bundle of flash cotton and 10 big flash paper sheets. This is enough for 60-80 shots, depending on the amount of paper you load.

This device was critically acclaimed by Uncrate, Cool Material, HiConsumption, Dude, I want that, FHM, C|NET, MAXIM, BGR, Daily Mail, Gizmodo. 

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Manufacturer The USA, Ellusionist
Material Pyro materials

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