About us

December Boys is a project founded in 2010 by Alexander and Nikolay, two students from Kyiv, Ukraine. This website was created as a platform to share our irresistible passion towards close-up magic and cardistry.

After a thorough study of American market of playing cards, accessories and magic props, we began curating a selected range of goods for our store. Now December Boys is an authorized distributor of such renowned US brands as theory11, Dan and Dave, Art of Play, Murphy's Magic, Sweets Kendamas. Among other things, in our shop you can buy some of the finest playing cards produced by the United States Playing Card Company, a world market leader with 135 years of history. Initially launched as a small online business in Kyiv, we helped flourish Ukrainian community of magicians and cardists, filmed almost 100 instructional videos, released our own deck of cards and shipped over 30,000 orders worldwide.

'Pizzazz' - that's how cardistry pioneers Dan and Dave Buck described December Boys' debut video upon selecting it as a winner of an international contest in 2009. Nowadays we eagerly take part in tv-shows and movie shoots as sleight of hand experts and hand doubles, as well as help out companies in their projects and startups with our skills. We noticed how several reputable sites had a nice list of brands they collabed with, clients they worked for or press they were featured in. Being an indisputably class brand ourselves we decided to come up with a grid our own.

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Alexander: +38 (093) 315 30 90

Nikolay: +38 (093) 269 63 24