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In 1970, one of the most famous Las Vegas gambling halls - Jerry's Nugget Casino - produced a special deck of playing cards sold at the souvenir shop for only 50 cents a deck. 40 years later their price has surged up to $500 (and even $3,999) a piece.

Jerry's Nugget playing cards were produced in 1970s for gaming tables, but they never got to see a real game. Within a short period of time, the entire stock of these playing cards was sold out completely through a souvenir store. These decks were produced by the credible US Playing Card Company with the use of technologies presently unavailable for some unknown reasons. In addition to that, the USPCC used a special chemical cushioning for Jerry's Nugget cards, which is also presently unavailable due to its damaging effect to the environment.

As a result, in the summer of 1999, the stock of these cards was exhausted completely.

As of now, these cards are listed on Ebay at the price of $400-900 for a brand-new deck. However, there is no guarantee you will actually buy an authentic deck of Jerry's Nugget playing cards. In 2008 devious scammers glutted the market with fake Jerry's Nugget decks. And in majority of cases, you could tell them apart only by tactile sense. Our store has only authentic decks acquired from Lee Asher, a credible American collector.

Many legendary card manipulators and magicians, such as Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Ed Marlo, Chris Kenner, Earl Nelson, Dan and Dave Buck, have been spotted with these playing cards in their hands highly praising their unique handling and quality features over other products.

Jerry's Nugget are like Hermès Birkin bag in fashion world, the hype rises around them by leaps and bounds. These have a soaring upward pricing trend year on year. Similar to a good bottle of wine, Jerry's Nugget playing cards are more valued and desired with each passing decade.

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All decks are brand new and sealed! Due to the natural aging process, the cello on boxes might be not intact.

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ManufacturerThe USA, The United States Playing Card Company, Jerry's Nugget Las Vegas Casino
StockTwo layers of custom paper with coating
FinishInformation classified
RunLimited edition

Customer Reviews

  1. Slava |

    Здравствуйте, отложите парочку, почка уже на аукционе, спасибо)

  2. Антон |

    "Jerrys Nugget" – это метафорический Эверест в закромах любого коллекционера игральных карт. Если представить свою лучшую коллекцию "Лувром", то "Jerrys Nugget" в самую пору вешать на место Моны Лизы.

    Колода горяча и дефицитна, она непременно будет расти в цене, ибо скоротечное время с каждым новым днём лишь будет подчёркивать её уникальность.